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Transit Pros is America’s largest sub haul coordinator specializing in medium and heavy duty towing, transportation and ERS (emergency roadside service). Our goal is to provide top-of-the-line customer service from the initial call through the billing process. Transit Pros provides a nationwide network of vendors to your business and will facilitate the transfer of your equipment from point A to point B. Whether you need a basic roadside tow or accident scene recovery, Transit Pros has the expertise and resources to pick up, transfer or store the unit for you or your client.

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Transit Pros also offers an Online Management System and Client Portal for you to submit, track and confirm all moves digitally or directly. Clients also have the option to convert moves into a spreadsheet to look at long/short term data and help with overall organization and efficiency.

Transit Pros will start working on your move immediately upon request and will negotiate the best price for you in order to move your assets in the most economical and timely fashion. We take pride in treating your equipment as one of our own, exercising the utmost care for your move from start to finish.

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  • Scott Frerking
    Scott Frerking

    President and CEO

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    Bill Stuart


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    Jack Billington

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